Exercises To Lose Weight

Exercises To Lose Weight

Swimming – A Great Exercise To Lose Weight

People seeking to lose weight often ask what are some exercises to lose weight?  The answer is that there are many exercises that can help you lose weight.  However, the best exercises are those that combine some strength training with cardio workouts.   With that in mind, a solid list of workout programs and exercises that are great for losing weight are discussed below.

One of the very best forms of exercise is swimming.  However, swimming is not going to be overly effective unless you are a relatively strong swimmer.  It is far more difficult to become a strong swimmer as an adult if you never had swimming lessons as a child.  This is just a fact of life as it is harder to train our body to do complex new moves such as swimming, swinging a golf club, or performing a martial art.  However, if you have the time to learn how to swim and can become a relatively strong swimmer, this is a great exercise for losing weight and getting into great shape.  All you have to do is look at Olympic swimmers and you know that is true.

Swimming is a tremendous exercise in that it combines strength training with cardio training.  It also has much less impact on the joints compared to an exercise such as jogging.  You can also vary your workouts quite a bit to keep it interesting and avoid boredom.  If you have the time, learn how to swim and incorporate it into your routine.

Circuit Training For Weight Loss

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Another great way to work out to lose weight is circuit training.  Circuit training combines many different exercises and combines them into one routine.  You simply move from one exercise to another, with virtually no rest in between sets.  In order to avoid muscle fatigue in any one muscle group very quickly, you simply alternate between exercises that involve the upper body and the lower body.  For instance, you may start out with a leg exercise such as lunges, and follow that up with some push-ups.  When you can string together a number of different exercises in this manner, and make the workout last at least 30 minutes, you will burn a ton of calories, gain a little muscle, burn some fat, and get more ripped.

Another tremendous workout is kickboxing.  Kickboxing is more of a cardio workout, and does not involve quite as much strength training, but you can burn more calories because you are moving the entire body throughout the workout.  In fact, kickboxing might even be included as part of a circuit training routine as discussed in the previous paragraph, to add more cardio to that type of workout.

The last couple workouts that you may want to include in your weekly routines are cycling and jogging.  I don’t recommend jogging as much unless it is done in a more low impact manner.  Jogging, if done improperly, can be very hard on the knees, hips and even the back.  If you learn how to jog in a heel to toe fashion, without leaving the ground in a high impact way, then it is quite beneficial.  Jogging at a fast pace can definitely get the lungs burning!

Cycling is a great workout as well.  If you are able to find an area where you can cycle at a strong pace, you will surely burn a significant amount of calories.  Otherwise, a stationary bike is a good replacement.

Other great exercises for losing weight include rowing and elliptical trainers.  Along with the other routines mentioned, these workouts can help you diversify your workouts so you avoid getting bored.  You can also combine them into multi-faceted workout routines as well.  If you want to get started in losing weight, you need to get moving, and these routines are a great way to do that!

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