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Teddy Ruxpin

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Teddy Ruxpin – The Talking Bear



Teddy Ruxpin has been entertaining us since September of 1985 and has been manufactured by several different companies. Eventually the toy rights were purchased by Hasbro, who are known for making wonderful toys for children. Teddy was sold by Hasbro under the Playskool line until 1996. This lovable bear could move his mouth and eyes, which made it appear he was talking. In his back was a built in tape cassette player that played the story Teddy Ruxpin was telling the children. This talking bear fascinated children and parents alike.


The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin


The Teddy Ruxpin bear was so popular that a cartoon for Teddy was created in 1987. Children adored him so much that he became the official spokesman for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.



The television series, called “The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin”, ran from 1987 to 1988. Teddy and his friend Grubby were always in search of an adventure. Young Teddy leaves his home on the island of Rillonia with his best friend Grubby to follow an ancient map which leads him to find a collection of crystals, and learns the long-lost history of his species and clues to the location of his missing father. During the sixty-five episodes filmed, children would learn the meaning of the six crystals with magical powers and follow Teddy Ruxpin in and out of many dangerous, yet wholesome adventures.


Teddy Keeps Up With Technology …..


It seemed that the Teddy Ruxpin bear would be on the market a couple of years, then be off a while before coming back. In 2005 Teddy was back again, making this the fourth version of the Teddy Ruxpin bear. The audio tapes had now been replaced with digital cartridges, keeping up with the technical changes of the era. Parents loved the Teddy Ruxpin bear because they could purchase extra story cartridges for their children.


A teddy that can play cassette tapes, simple, but way ahead of its time. Later models of the Teddy Ruxpin used cartridges instead of tapes.


They came with the stories, music, and even sound effects that you could turn up or down with the volume control on the back of Teddy.


And Becomes A Collector’s Item


This talking bear can still be purchased today and is almost as popular as when it first came out. You can easily find them online by doing a search of the Teddy Ruxpin name. What you pay for the privilege of owning one of the bears today is up to the person selling the bear. Collectors have been known to pay a good sum of money for one of the original Teddy Ruxpin bears, made in the 80s. Teddy Ruxpin was a bear ahead of his time. While most teddy bears still had the wind up key in the back for playing music, Teddy was talking!


A Teddy for All Seasons


All the years this toy has been around might make you wonder why children think it is so special. Look at Teddy Ruxpin through a child’s eye. Here you have a cute teddy bear that you can sleep with, and carry around to play with, and he actually talks! Children love being told stories and they are even more exciting when being told by this talking bear. The music and sound effects make the story come alive, and make everything seem more real.


The Teddy Ruxpin bear may leave the toy scene every so often, but he always comes back. There has not been another teddy bear quite so popular as the Teddy Ruxpin, and probably never will be!


And here is an original 1980’s Teddy Ruxpin TV commercial, Enjoy!…..