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The Panda Bear, The Cutest Teddy Bear Of Them All



My favorite Teddy Bear Panda, the Steiff classic teddy bear panda. Image credit:

The Panda bear is one of the post popular teddy bears around today, and with good reason. There is just something so cute and adorable about them that people can’t resist. Maybe it’s the little black circles around their eyes, or their black ears, but whatever it is children and grownups alike love the Panda bear. So how did they get so popular?


The love of the Panda bear started with the real Panda bear. The world has always been fascinated with this cuddly looking bear from China ever since it was first discovered. Although the Panda bear is a true carnivore, their diet is basically 99% bamboo. They also eat grass, tubers, and even birds and rodents.


What makes pandas so cute?


One characteristic that separates the Panda bear from other bears is their nose. Most bears have a long snout or nose and even have a menacing look


How cute is this, a mother Panda bear with her baby. Image credit:

about them. With the Panda bear you see a shorter nose and a face that appears just as cute and round as the one on the Panda teddy bear.


The Panda bear is plump and even a little clumsy, which make him even more adorable. Research indicates the Panda is one of the oldest families of primitive bears around, and fossils believed to be over 8 million years old have been found to support this theory. A great place to find out more about Giant Pandas is at


Kung Fu Panda


There has been a surge in Panda teddy bear sales since the movie Kung Fu Panda was made. In the movie the main character, an adorable, yet confidence lacking, Panda named Po aspires to be a Kung Fu master. He needs to do this to save everyone from the evil snow leopard Tai Lung.


Panda teddy bear sales dramatically increased with the release of the DreamWorks animated movie Kung Fu Panda. Image credit:

The story has a great moral example for children, showing how important it is to believe in yourself and to trust others. Many children have a Po Panda bear sleeping with them at night now because of this great movie.


Get your very own Panda Bear


There are many companies that manufacture the Panda bear, as well as other cuddly bears, so your selection is vast. The Build a Bear Company even has shops where you and your child can select all the bear parts and clothes you choose, and make your very own creation. Other companies that manufacture bears are The Vermont Teddy Bear Company, and North American Bear Company.


The next time you need a get-well bear, or a gift for a child, you should consider buying a Panda bear. They each have their own personality and are loved by all. You can see different varieties of Panda bears by looking online. Shopping online for a Panda bear will usually save you money as well because the overhead of online stores is less. Pandas come is all sizes and brands, so have fun and enjoy your very own Panda bear!


And here is very cute video of a Panda bear picnic, Enjoy!…