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Russ Berrie

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Russ Berrie Teddy Bears



Brawson Bear by Russ Berrie. Russ Berrie teddy bears are renowned for there super softness and high quality workmanship. Image credit:

When you think of cute and adorable, it is easy to think of a Russ Berrie teddy bear. These cuddly bears come in all styles and themes, just to make you smile. The Teddy Bear has been around since the first one was made during the Teddy Roosevelt administration. Once this cute stuffed animal won the hearts of children there was no turning back. Manufacturers were turning them out as fast as they could make them.


The first teddy bears made were not as cute as the ones we have today but the children loved them anyway. At first they were made to resemble a bear more, with a longer nose, etc. Then the more popular they became, they just sort of transitioned into the cute and adorable plush animals you see in stores today.


Russ Berrie’s Humble Beginnings


Russ Berrie started his own gift business in a rented garage many years ago. It ended up being one of the world’s largest gift companies, with more than 1,500 employees. His Russ Berrie teddy bears were extremely popular and still bring in a lot of money today. As far back as 2001, Mr. Berrie had sales of $294.3 million and a net income of $40.2 million. One of the items that helped him achieve this was a dog named Muffin and a stuffed bear known as Honeyfritz.


Created in 1997, the annual Russell Berrie Foundation award program honors individuals who have performed outstanding community service or an act of heroism.


Russ Berrie was not only interested in making toys and stuffed animals for children, he was very generous to others. He gave numerous sums of money to charities, plus he set up an award called the “Russ Berrie Prize For Making A Difference”, that was to honor New Jersey residents for uncommon heroism and community service.


When making the Russ Berrie teddy bear, the company pays great attention to detail and they make sure each bear is plush and has an irresistible feel. In fact, some of the styles fall under the “Simply Irresistible” line of products.


Russ Berrie Becomes Kids Brand Inc


In 2009 Russ Berrie changed their corporate name to Kid Brands, Inc. And although the name has changed, the quality has not. The Russ Berrie teddy


Mr Russell Berrie, creator and founder of “Russ Berrie and Company, (Russ)". 1933 - 2002. Image credit:

bears still go by the name Russ Berrie, and can be found in many retail outlets online and off.


Russ Berrie, creator of the Russ Berrie teddy bear, passed on at the age of 69, but his legacy still lives on. Who would have thought that a small teddy bear business, started in a rented garage, would have turned into one of the most popular businesses in the world.


A Russ Berrie Teddy Bear Makes The Perfect Gift


Russ Berrie teddy bears come in many colors and sizes to fit the desires of almost anyone. You may find one dressed up for Valentines day, Christmas, or just an everyday bear. Sending a Russ Berrie bear to a loved one shows you care.


The next time you need a gift for someone, add in one of these adorable Russ Berrie teddy bears, and you will definitely bring a smile to their face.


You can visit the official Russ Berrie / Kid Brands Inc site here


And this is pretty simple but fun video of Fuzzby by Russ Berrie having a tea party. Enjoy!…..