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Teddy Bear World

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Let’s Take a Tour of Teddy Bear World Hawaii


teddy-bear-world-hawaiiIf you love teddy bears then you will really love Teddy Bear World. This bear heaven is located right in the heart of Waikiki, in Hawaii. In fact, Teddy Bear World is located where Planet Hollywood used to be, right across from Prada. Visitors have been known to say it’s unlike anything else they have ever seen. And Teddy Bear World is not just for kids, it is for the entire family!


Teddy Bear World was started in 2001 in Jeju Island, Korea, but it was called Teddy Bear Museum there. They then expanded to North Seoul Tower at Mt. Namasan and Peju Heyri. Once the bear museum came to the USA and settled in Hawaii, it was able to share it’s joy and entertainment to even more people.



So so cute, from the Hawaii in Hawaii display. Image credit:

It does cost to go through the museum unless you are four and under. It starts out with a gated escalator that will transport you to the top of Teddy Bear World where you will see bears that are showcased in different settings. It will take you about 45 minutes to go through and take a good look at all the bears showcased.


So Many Bears, So Many Themes


Teddy Bear World has bears that go with many themes, such as the 8 Wonders of America, Dinosaur Park, and Save The Planet. And you will also see other themes including Jurassic Park, and even San Francisco. It really is amazing how many themes and costumes there are.


The King of Teddy Bears is in the House


And of course no museum in Hawaii would be complete without a bear that depicts Elvis and his movie Blue Hawaii! Here is a video of the Elvis Show at Teddy Bear World Hawaii.



Teddy Bears from Around the World


You will also see bears dressed in the attire of various countries and even some antique teddy bears to show the history and evolution they have gone through over the years. The staff are there to assist you or answer any questions, but the tour is really a self tour. You can see the exhibits in any order, and go through as many times as you like. You really should look at each exhibit twice in case you missed something the first time through.


Be sure and take your camera with you. Photos are welcomed by the staff so take as many as you would like. These bears have so many cute clothes on, you really need pictures to show to your friends.


Get Your Very Own Teddy Bear World Bear



The Teddy Bear version of Lincoln memorial from the 8 Wonders of America display. Image credit:

On the first floor they have a gift store where you can purchase teddy bears. Teddy Bear World bears are very cute and have moving parts as well. After viewing all the different bears you will feel you just have to have one of them for your very own.


Most people go to Hawaii for fun in the sun, but taking a couple of hours off to visit Teddy Bear World will be one of the best extra excursions you will ever make. Teddy bears are adorable, cuddly creatures that you just have to see, so be sure and visit Teddy Bear World.


You can visit the official Teddy Bear World website here: