Winnie-the-Pooh and Friends


Winnie-the-Pooh and Friends

Winnie-the-Pooh and Friends. Image credit:


How old is Winnie-the-Pooh?


Deep within the 100-Acre Woods lives the friend to all, Winnie-the-Pooh. One of the most beloved characters of Disney is a teddy bear named Winnie-the Pooh. There was a dispute about the actual birthday of Winnie-the-Pooh. Some argue that Winnie’s birthday is 1921. That’s the year the author of these popular children books, A.A. Milne, gave a teddy bear to his son, Christopher Robin, for his first birthday. That would make Winnie-the-Pooh 91 years old this year (2012).



This picture of Winnie-the-Pooh was drawn by original book artist EH Shepard in 1926. Image credit:

Others argue that Pooh was not born until 1925, the year that his name changed from “Edward Bear” to “Winnie Pooh.” That would put Winnie at 87 years old. A.A. Milne settles the argument when he wrote in the House at Pooh corner a conversation between Pooh and Christopher Robin.


Christopher Robin asks his beloved Pooh bear to always remember him, even if he lives to be a hundred years old. Pooh agrees, but is still curious to know how old that would make him. Christopher tells Pooh that would make him 99 years old. Sadly, Christopher Robin only lived to be 75 years old, but pooh kept his promise to always remember him. In fact, pooh is now 91 years old and he and Christopher Robin will remain in the hearts of Winnie the Pooh fans for evermore!


Winnie-the-Pooh’s Beginnings


Winnie-the-Pooh got his unusual name from two live animals familiar to the Milne family. Winnie was a live bear living in the London Zoo and Pooh was a swan who swam in a lake near their home. It’s not clear why Christopher Robin changed the name of his bear from Edward Bear to Winnie-Pooh.


The story began from a bedtime story Alan Milne would tell Christopher Robin about his Pooh bear. When Alan was asked by a publisher of London Evening News for a Christmas Eve story, Alan’s wife, Daphne, encouraged him to


Disney's original adaptation of Pooh, the most stiking difference is the color change from yellow to brown. Image credits:

write the bedtime story about Winnie-Pooh. The story was so popular it became the first chapter of the book, “Winnie-the-Pooh.”


The book “When We Were Young” introduced Pooh Bear’s neighbors and friends of the 100-Acres Woods: Eeyore, the gloomy donkey, Piglet, the timid, stuttering baby pig, Kanga, the kind-hearted mother kangaroo and Roo, her son. Tigger, Rabbit and Owl were later created by Milne because they were not a part of Christopher Robin’s nursery. The world loved the idea of The Teddy Bear and his friends and over 150,000 copies were sold in the US alone by the end of 1926.


“Now We Are Six” was published in 1927 and sold 94,000 copies in England in the first two months of its release. The final book written in 1928, “The House at Pooh Corner” added Tigger to the group of friends and the game called “Poohsticks.” Sales were so numerous that the last book in the series had an astounding 130 printings from 1928 – 1943.


Why Everyone Will Always Love Winnie-the-Pooh


Winnie-the-Pooh is portrayed as a helpful friend who is willing to do anything he can to help his friends. He is always seen on his way to melancholy Eeyore’s house or one of his other friends to help them out of a dilemma. Winnie-the-Pooh may not be the sharpest teddy bear in the world, but he is the most caring of them all. The object lessons we have all learned from Winnie-the-Pooh over the last 90 years will go on to teach love for others to future generations.


And here is one of my favorite Pooh episodes, featuring Owl, who is probably my favorite character. Enjoy…..



The Teddy Bear

The Roosevelt Bear, also known as, The Teddy Bear


teddy bears paradiseWho would have ever thought that those cute and cuddly little teddy bears would have been created and named after a man who was also the president of the United States Of America! The teddy bear has practically been a household name for many years now, especially for children. Children from all over the world go to sleep at night with some kind of stuffed animal in their arms and it’s usually a teddy bear. So how did this phenomenon happen? Read below for this unique story.


How The Teddy Bear Began


The story of the Roosevelt Bear originated from something that happened on a hunting trip that Present Roosevelt took in 1902. Governor Andrew Longino, from Mississippi, invited the President and others to a hunting competition.

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Cute Teddy Bears

Cute Teddy Bears, More Popular Than Ever


cute teddy bears

Love is meant to be shared...

Have you ever wondered what it is about a cute teddy bears that makes people just smile? Well, you aren’t alone, for some reason everyone loves a cute teddy bear and they are just as popular today as they were years ago.


For years they were mostly meant for children, but today cute teddy bears can be bought for a variety of reasons. A cute teddy bear makes a great gift for a child, lover, sick person, or just anyone special in your life.


Cute Teddy Bears on TV and in the Movies


Some of the bears through history have been used to help entertain and teach children good values, such as the Dancing Bear on the TV show, Captain Kangaroo. This great show aired on TV for years and was there to help those children grow up with great morals.


cutest teddy bear

Baloo and Mowgli having some fun.

Also the great book and movie “Jungle Book” would never have been the same without Baloo the bear. He is there the whole way of the young jungle boys journey to protect him from the dangers that loomed in the jungle. And although bears in real life should not be pets, in the pretend world of bears they are usually our best friends.


Cute teddy bears have probably been the sleeping partner of every child in the world at one time or another. They make them feel safe and help them get to sleep by giving them something to hug. Teddy bears come in almost any color and various sizes, so children and adults can select the one they like the best.


It doesn’t seem to matter if you have a cute teddy bear, or see them on TV or the movies, everyone seems to love the bear. How many men have spent $50 at the fair grounds trying to win a bear for their sweetheart? Tens of thousands of men go through this male ritual every year because they know a stuffed animal is something most women love.


Evolution of the Cute Teddy Bear


The first bears usually came with a ribbon around their neck, then came the clothes, and then came the theme bears. Besides these, you can now buy cute teddy bears for almost any special occasion. For example a Valentine Bear, a Get Well Bear, or even a Holiday Bear. The Vermont Teddy Bear Company has some great themed and special occasion teddy bears at


cute theme teddy bears

These themed teddy bears are the creation of famous Korean celebrity teddy bear maker Won Myung-Hee. Credit:

Cute teddy bears for the holidays will sometimes have the year stamped or sewn on one of the bears paws. This is for collectors that want to have a different holiday bear for each year. However, collecting bears can take up a lot of space, so be sure to consider that point before becoming a collector.


The next time you need a gift for someone special, think about giving them a cute teddy bear, and possibly make it a special theme bear that depicts their job, or hobby. They will be very impressed that you cared enough about them to buy a cute teddy bear that reflects their likes or professions.


And check out this video on a pretty cool and high-tech, but still very cute teddy bear from Japan, enjoy!



Paddington Bear

The Life and Times of Paddington Bear


Paddington Bear

Paddington with his suitcase and marmalade.

The famous Paddington Bear character was found 53 years ago at Paddington Station in London with a tag around his neck that simply read, “PLEASE LOOK AFTER THIS BEAR THANK YOU”. The Brown family found the lost little teddy bear and named him Paddington after the train station. They adopted him immediately and took him home to live with them. The Browns have never been the same since they adopted the precocious Paddington Bear. (* All these events are captured in the first TV episode, which you can see at the bottom of this post).


Paddington’s Humble Beginnings


The original creator of the imaginative story of Paddington Bear, Michael Bond, wrote the book, “A Bear Called Paddington” in 1958 and it was awarded the best book of the year for children. The inspiration for the book was a forlorn teddy bear sitting all alone on a shelf in Selfridges Department Store in London where Michael sought shelter from a snow storm. He purchased the bear as a present for his wife and named the bear “Paddington” for the train station nearby.


Originally, Michael wanted Paddington to be born in Africa until the publishers pointed out that there are no bears in Africa, so Paddington’s birthplace was changed to Peru. Paddington Bear ended up in London after his old Aunt Lucy became too old to care for the young bear properly and she sent him to London with the message around his neck hoping that someone would see the little bear and want to adopt him.

Paddington Bear

Here is a wonderfully distinctive pen and ink drawing from Peggy Fortnun. All her originals were done in black and white, with some subsequently being colored by other artists including her own niece, Caroline Nuttal-Smith.


Michael Bond not only patterned his stories after his own Paddington, but the Browns in the story bore a slight resemblance to the Bonds. The first book written with Paddington Bear as the main character led to six more collections between 1968 and 1981. Peggy Fortnum illustrated the first book and several of the subsequent books in pen and ink drawings. She modeled Paddington after a Malayan bear living at the London Zoo.


Paddington Bear was a curious teddy bear. The busy city of London is so different from dark Peru. What most Londoners take for granted is pure fascination for Paddington Bear. His observations of life in general have endeared him to fans all over the globe. Paddington Bear is far from naive as he shows wisdom beyond his years after being raised by his matronly Aunt Lucy.


Paddington Bear stuffed teddy bears and other memorabilia became popular when he became the star of his TV series in 1972. He wears a floppy bush hat, a blue coat and wellington boots. Other fashionable garments were added to his wardrobe in later years. The original Paddington Bears are collector’s items.


Facts You Should Know About Paddington Bear


  • Paddington was born “Pastuso” in Peru.
  • He has two birthdays: June 25 and December 25.
  • Paddington loves marmalade and keeps a jar under his old flop hat in case of shortages.
  • He arrived in London by sailboat.
  • Paddington turned 53 years old on June 25 and Michael Bond turned 85 on January 13.
  • The very polite Paddington addresses everyone as “Mr,” “Mrs,” or “Miss.”
  • He is never seen without his bush hat, given to him by his uncle in Peru.


Paddington the Beloved Celebrity


The most beloved teddy bear for the past 53 years has starred in his own TV show, movies and books. He and Michael have published nearly 35 million books translated into 40 languages. Who would have thought that bringing home a lonely little teddy bear named Paddington Bear would introduce a teddy bear to the world that children today still love and want to adopt to come live with them.


You can visit the official Paddington Bear website here.


And here is the very first episode of the 1975 original TV series, titled “Paddington – Please look after this bear.”, enjoy!



Bear Clip Art

Teddy Bear Clipart


teddy bear clip art

Pirate Teddy Bear Clipart from Kids' Turn Central

Teddy bear clipart is very much in demand today, and not that hard to come by. You can obtain a lot of teddy bear clipart for free, especially if you don’t use it for commercial reasons. Many of The Teddy Bear clipart sites will allow you to put the clipart on your own personal website but don’t want you charging people to put it on their sites, or to sell the clipart in any way. As long as you follow the specific rules of each website you will not be guilty of copyright infringement.


Some clipart can also be purchased, but it is always better to find what you are looking for free if you can. You can find teddy bear clip art for Santa Clause, the mailman, angels, and just about anything you can think of. The styles and variety are almost endless, and limited only the artist imagination.


Kids’ Turn Central has Heaps of Unique Teddy Bear Clipart


One great place to get teddy bear clipart is at Wendy Hogan is the founder of Kids’ Turn Central. Her site, built for children, has plenty of teddy bear clipart to choose from. And these teddy bear clipart images are different from what you find at most clipart websites.


Wendy has furnished teddy bear clip art that has numbered bears, alphabet bears, and punctuation bears. This is nice because you can use the teddy bear clipart to spell something out on your website, or even on letterhead. If you want to get real creative you could use the unique teddy bear clipart images to make party invitations. She also offers personalized teddy bear clipart, but it has to be special ordered through her site.


Free Teddy Bear Clipart at Cartoon Clipart World


teddy bear clipart

Simple, but still my favorite teddy bear clipart from Cartoon Clipart World

There is another place online to get some great free teddy bear clipart and that is at Cartoon Clipart World at Here the variety of clipart is not as great as over at Kids Turn Central, but they are free images. You can find everything from butterfly clipart to teddy bears on this site and have plenty of new images to add to your collection.


One thing that Cartoon Clipart World also offers is wallpaper for screen savers on your computer. And their teddy bear clip art is also comprised of bear paws, bear flags, and even bear crossing signs, not just the entire image of a teddy bear.


If you love teddy bear clipart, then you can find all you want online. You can try the links listed above, or search for some other sites that offer teddy bear images. clipart is used all over the web, for crafts, and to scrapbook. The best teddy bear clipart is the free kind, so be sure and find all the free clip art you need online.


And here is a cool video I found using animated Teddy Bear Clipart. Enjoy!