Cute Teddy Bears

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Cute Teddy Bears, More Popular Than Ever


cute teddy bears

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Have you ever wondered what it is about a cute teddy bears that makes people just smile? Well, you aren’t alone, for some reason everyone loves a cute teddy bear and they are just as popular today as they were years ago.


For years they were mostly meant for children, but today cute teddy bears can be bought for a variety of reasons. A cute teddy bear makes a great gift for a child, lover, sick person, or just anyone special in your life.


Cute Teddy Bears on TV and in the Movies


Some of the bears through history have been used to help entertain and teach children good values, such as the Dancing Bear on the TV show, Captain Kangaroo. This great show aired on TV for years and was there to help those children grow up with great morals.


cutest teddy bear

Baloo and Mowgli having some fun.

Also the great book and movie “Jungle Book” would never have been the same without Baloo the bear. He is there the whole way of the young jungle boys journey to protect him from the dangers that loomed in the jungle. And although bears in real life should not be pets, in the pretend world of bears they are usually our best friends.


Cute teddy bears have probably been the sleeping partner of every child in the world at one time or another. They make them feel safe and help them get to sleep by giving them something to hug. Teddy bears come in almost any color and various sizes, so children and adults can select the one they like the best.


It doesn’t seem to matter if you have a cute teddy bear, or see them on TV or the movies, everyone seems to love the bear. How many men have spent $50 at the fair grounds trying to win a bear for their sweetheart? Tens of thousands of men go through this male ritual every year because they know a stuffed animal is something most women love.


Evolution of the Cute Teddy Bear


The first bears usually came with a ribbon around their neck, then came the clothes, and then came the theme bears. Besides these, you can now buy cute teddy bears for almost any special occasion. For example a Valentine Bear, a Get Well Bear, or even a Holiday Bear. The Vermont Teddy Bear Company has some great themed and special occasion teddy bears at


cute theme teddy bears

These themed teddy bears are the creation of famous Korean celebrity teddy bear maker Won Myung-Hee. Credit:

Cute teddy bears for the holidays will sometimes have the year stamped or sewn on one of the bears paws. This is for collectors that want to have a different holiday bear for each year. However, collecting bears can take up a lot of space, so be sure to consider that point before becoming a collector.


The next time you need a gift for someone special, think about giving them a cute teddy bear, and possibly make it a special theme bear that depicts their job, or hobby. They will be very impressed that you cared enough about them to buy a cute teddy bear that reflects their likes or professions.


And check out this video on a pretty cool and high-tech, but still very cute teddy bear from Japan, enjoy!



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