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Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns

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Teddy Bear Sewing for Fun and Profit


At the top of this post you will find some great resources for free Teddy Bear sewing patterns, then we discuss options for turning your hobby into a serious work from home business. Enjoy….


My Favorite Free Teddy Bear Sewing Patterns


  • Sew Bear-y Sweet Pumpkin Teddy

    A pattern to make a Teddy Bear and his pumpkin

  • Goldie – A 13 1/2″ Teddy Bear

    A Teddy Bear sewing pattern for a cuddly, huggable teddy made from mohair

  • How to Make a Panda Teddy Bear Sewing Pattern

    A pattern for a panda-ish Teddy Bear

  • 5 inch Cuddly Panda Teddy Bear

    Instructions to make the Cuddly Panda Bear
    And here is the link to the pattern (opens as a PDF)
    Pattern PDF

  • Howjoyful Teddy Bear

    A tutorial and pattern to make an adorable Teddy Bear


And here is a pretty nice video with sewing tips to help when making your own Teddy Bears



Ever Thought of Starting Your Own Teddy Bear Sewing Business?


No other home-based business offers the opportunity to enjoy your work while making a profit more than teddy bear sewing. It is very unlikely that anyone dislikes teddy bears. In fact, sales of all stuffed animals including teddy bears reached $1.3 billion in 2006 and continues to grow. You may not have aspirations of building a large corporation selling manufactured teddy bears, but you can easily build a part-time business with teddy bear sewing and selling them at local flea markets and craft shows.


Large Teddy Bear Sewing Companies that Grew into Major Corporations


Two multi-million dollar companies in the United States that manufacture teddy bears began with one person starting a teddy bear sewing business. Barbara Isenberg wanted a special teddy bear for her little son and made one for him when she couldn’t find what she wanted. That was the start of the North American Bear Company.


John Sortino was frustrated by all the foreign-made teddy bears his little son owned and set out to bring The Teddy Bear back to its origins, the US. John and his wife started a teddy bear sewing business that turned into the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, one of the largest teddy bear manufacturers in the country. You can start a profitable teddy bear sewing business on a smaller scale to make the money you need for extras or to help support the family.


What You Need to Get Started


First of all, you need a love for sewing and have at least intermediate sewing skills. The business of teddy bear sewing will require love for sewing in order for you to sit and sew for several hours per day. At least intermediate sewing skills are needed to make teddy bears that others will want to buy.


Basic supplies needed:


  • Heavy-duty sewing machine that will easily sew fur and other heavy materials
  • Sharp scissors in various sizes
  • Various thread colors to match fabrics
  • Several patterns of bears
  • Bear joints for movable arms and legs


Marketing plan


You will also need a marketing plan to let others know about your unique craft business. You may want to use business cards and brochures to sell your teddy bears to customers one-on-one. Some crafters throw home parties to introduce their crafts to potential customers who have been invited to the homes of friends and families.


Others sell their bears at craft shows and flea markets. Since teddy bears are very easily shipped to other parts of the country or all over the world, many sell them on Ebay or other auction sites and on their own websites.


Another fund-raising idea is to donate one of your teddy bears to be auctioned off in charity auctions or as a prize in contests. These two methods gets your name out there as a artisan with a teddy bear sewing business.


Become a member of several craft business forums online and place your teddy bear sewing business in your signature as you contribute good advice and support to the forum. You can also be a regular on craft blogs that allow you to comment and place your website URL in the comments section.


The idea of a home-based craft business has been presented in this article. Two great teddy bear manufacturers began as home-based businesses and have grown into multi-million dollar corporations. You have been informed of the basic supplies needed to get your craft business off the ground and several ideas for marketing your business. There is other small business information you need to know to start a teddy bear sewing business that can be found very easily on the Internet.


Teddy Ruxpin

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Teddy Ruxpin – The Talking Bear



Teddy Ruxpin has been entertaining us since September of 1985 and has been manufactured by several different companies. Eventually the toy rights were purchased by Hasbro, who are known for making wonderful toys for children. Teddy was sold by Hasbro under the Playskool line until 1996. This lovable bear could move his mouth and eyes, which made it appear he was talking. In his back was a built in tape cassette player that played the story Teddy Ruxpin was telling the children. This talking bear fascinated children and parents alike.


The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin


The Teddy Ruxpin bear was so popular that a cartoon for Teddy was created in 1987. Children adored him so much that he became the official spokesman for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.



The television series, called “The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin”, ran from 1987 to 1988. Teddy and his friend Grubby were always in search of an adventure. Young Teddy leaves his home on the island of Rillonia with his best friend Grubby to follow an ancient map which leads him to find a collection of crystals, and learns the long-lost history of his species and clues to the location of his missing father. During the sixty-five episodes filmed, children would learn the meaning of the six crystals with magical powers and follow Teddy Ruxpin in and out of many dangerous, yet wholesome adventures.


Teddy Keeps Up With Technology …..


It seemed that the Teddy Ruxpin bear would be on the market a couple of years, then be off a while before coming back. In 2005 Teddy was back again, making this the fourth version of the Teddy Ruxpin bear. The audio tapes had now been replaced with digital cartridges, keeping up with the technical changes of the era. Parents loved the Teddy Ruxpin bear because they could purchase extra story cartridges for their children.


A teddy that can play cassette tapes, simple, but way ahead of its time. Later models of the Teddy Ruxpin used cartridges instead of tapes.


They came with the stories, music, and even sound effects that you could turn up or down with the volume control on the back of Teddy.


And Becomes A Collector’s Item


This talking bear can still be purchased today and is almost as popular as when it first came out. You can easily find them online by doing a search of the Teddy Ruxpin name. What you pay for the privilege of owning one of the bears today is up to the person selling the bear. Collectors have been known to pay a good sum of money for one of the original Teddy Ruxpin bears, made in the 80s. Teddy Ruxpin was a bear ahead of his time. While most teddy bears still had the wind up key in the back for playing music, Teddy was talking!


A Teddy for All Seasons


All the years this toy has been around might make you wonder why children think it is so special. Look at Teddy Ruxpin through a child’s eye. Here you have a cute teddy bear that you can sleep with, and carry around to play with, and he actually talks! Children love being told stories and they are even more exciting when being told by this talking bear. The music and sound effects make the story come alive, and make everything seem more real.


The Teddy Ruxpin bear may leave the toy scene every so often, but he always comes back. There has not been another teddy bear quite so popular as the Teddy Ruxpin, and probably never will be!


And here is an original 1980’s Teddy Ruxpin TV commercial, Enjoy!…..


Russ Berrie

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Russ Berrie Teddy Bears



Brawson Bear by Russ Berrie. Russ Berrie teddy bears are renowned for there super softness and high quality workmanship. Image credit:

When you think of cute and adorable, it is easy to think of a Russ Berrie teddy bear. These cuddly bears come in all styles and themes, just to make you smile. The Teddy Bear has been around since the first one was made during the Teddy Roosevelt administration. Once this cute stuffed animal won the hearts of children there was no turning back. Manufacturers were turning them out as fast as they could make them.


The first teddy bears made were not as cute as the ones we have today but the children loved them anyway. At first they were made to resemble a bear more, with a longer nose, etc. Then the more popular they became, they just sort of transitioned into the cute and adorable plush animals you see in stores today.


Russ Berrie’s Humble Beginnings


Russ Berrie started his own gift business in a rented garage many years ago. It ended up being one of the world’s largest gift companies, with more than 1,500 employees. His Russ Berrie teddy bears were extremely popular and still bring in a lot of money today. As far back as 2001, Mr. Berrie had sales of $294.3 million and a net income of $40.2 million. One of the items that helped him achieve this was a dog named Muffin and a stuffed bear known as Honeyfritz.


Created in 1997, the annual Russell Berrie Foundation award program honors individuals who have performed outstanding community service or an act of heroism.


Russ Berrie was not only interested in making toys and stuffed animals for children, he was very generous to others. He gave numerous sums of money to charities, plus he set up an award called the “Russ Berrie Prize For Making A Difference”, that was to honor New Jersey residents for uncommon heroism and community service.


When making the Russ Berrie teddy bear, the company pays great attention to detail and they make sure each bear is plush and has an irresistible feel. In fact, some of the styles fall under the “Simply Irresistible” line of products.


Russ Berrie Becomes Kids Brand Inc


In 2009 Russ Berrie changed their corporate name to Kid Brands, Inc. And although the name has changed, the quality has not. The Russ Berrie teddy


Mr Russell Berrie, creator and founder of “Russ Berrie and Company, (Russ)". 1933 - 2002. Image credit:

bears still go by the name Russ Berrie, and can be found in many retail outlets online and off.


Russ Berrie, creator of the Russ Berrie teddy bear, passed on at the age of 69, but his legacy still lives on. Who would have thought that a small teddy bear business, started in a rented garage, would have turned into one of the most popular businesses in the world.


A Russ Berrie Teddy Bear Makes The Perfect Gift


Russ Berrie teddy bears come in many colors and sizes to fit the desires of almost anyone. You may find one dressed up for Valentines day, Christmas, or just an everyday bear. Sending a Russ Berrie bear to a loved one shows you care.


The next time you need a gift for someone, add in one of these adorable Russ Berrie teddy bears, and you will definitely bring a smile to their face.


You can visit the official Russ Berrie / Kid Brands Inc site here


And this is pretty simple but fun video of Fuzzby by Russ Berrie having a tea party. Enjoy!…..



Panda Bear

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The Panda Bear, The Cutest Teddy Bear Of Them All



My favorite Teddy Bear Panda, the Steiff classic teddy bear panda. Image credit:

The Panda bear is one of the post popular teddy bears around today, and with good reason. There is just something so cute and adorable about them that people can’t resist. Maybe it’s the little black circles around their eyes, or their black ears, but whatever it is children and grownups alike love the Panda bear. So how did they get so popular?


The love of the Panda bear started with the real Panda bear. The world has always been fascinated with this cuddly looking bear from China ever since it was first discovered. Although the Panda bear is a true carnivore, their diet is basically 99% bamboo. They also eat grass, tubers, and even birds and rodents.


What makes pandas so cute?


One characteristic that separates the Panda bear from other bears is their nose. Most bears have a long snout or nose and even have a menacing look


How cute is this, a mother Panda bear with her baby. Image credit:

about them. With the Panda bear you see a shorter nose and a face that appears just as cute and round as the one on the Panda teddy bear.


The Panda bear is plump and even a little clumsy, which make him even more adorable. Research indicates the Panda is one of the oldest families of primitive bears around, and fossils believed to be over 8 million years old have been found to support this theory. A great place to find out more about Giant Pandas is at


Kung Fu Panda


There has been a surge in Panda teddy bear sales since the movie Kung Fu Panda was made. In the movie the main character, an adorable, yet confidence lacking, Panda named Po aspires to be a Kung Fu master. He needs to do this to save everyone from the evil snow leopard Tai Lung.


Panda teddy bear sales dramatically increased with the release of the DreamWorks animated movie Kung Fu Panda. Image credit:

The story has a great moral example for children, showing how important it is to believe in yourself and to trust others. Many children have a Po Panda bear sleeping with them at night now because of this great movie.


Get your very own Panda Bear


There are many companies that manufacture the Panda bear, as well as other cuddly bears, so your selection is vast. The Build a Bear Company even has shops where you and your child can select all the bear parts and clothes you choose, and make your very own creation. Other companies that manufacture bears are The Vermont Teddy Bear Company, and North American Bear Company.


The next time you need a get-well bear, or a gift for a child, you should consider buying a Panda bear. They each have their own personality and are loved by all. You can see different varieties of Panda bears by looking online. Shopping online for a Panda bear will usually save you money as well because the overhead of online stores is less. Pandas come is all sizes and brands, so have fun and enjoy your very own Panda bear!


And here is very cute video of a Panda bear picnic, Enjoy!…



Teddy Bear World

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Let’s Take a Tour of Teddy Bear World Hawaii


teddy-bear-world-hawaiiIf you love teddy bears then you will really love Teddy Bear World. This bear heaven is located right in the heart of Waikiki, in Hawaii. In fact, Teddy Bear World is located where Planet Hollywood used to be, right across from Prada. Visitors have been known to say it’s unlike anything else they have ever seen. And Teddy Bear World is not just for kids, it is for the entire family!


Teddy Bear World was started in 2001 in Jeju Island, Korea, but it was called Teddy Bear Museum there. They then expanded to North Seoul Tower at Mt. Namasan and Peju Heyri. Once the bear museum came to the USA and settled in Hawaii, it was able to share it’s joy and entertainment to even more people.



So so cute, from the Hawaii in Hawaii display. Image credit:

It does cost to go through the museum unless you are four and under. It starts out with a gated escalator that will transport you to the top of Teddy Bear World where you will see bears that are showcased in different settings. It will take you about 45 minutes to go through and take a good look at all the bears showcased.


So Many Bears, So Many Themes


Teddy Bear World has bears that go with many themes, such as the 8 Wonders of America, Dinosaur Park, and Save The Planet. And you will also see other themes including Jurassic Park, and even San Francisco. It really is amazing how many themes and costumes there are.


The King of Teddy Bears is in the House


And of course no museum in Hawaii would be complete without a bear that depicts Elvis and his movie Blue Hawaii! Here is a video of the Elvis Show at Teddy Bear World Hawaii.



Teddy Bears from Around the World


You will also see bears dressed in the attire of various countries and even some antique teddy bears to show the history and evolution they have gone through over the years. The staff are there to assist you or answer any questions, but the tour is really a self tour. You can see the exhibits in any order, and go through as many times as you like. You really should look at each exhibit twice in case you missed something the first time through.


Be sure and take your camera with you. Photos are welcomed by the staff so take as many as you would like. These bears have so many cute clothes on, you really need pictures to show to your friends.


Get Your Very Own Teddy Bear World Bear



The Teddy Bear version of Lincoln memorial from the 8 Wonders of America display. Image credit:

On the first floor they have a gift store where you can purchase teddy bears. Teddy Bear World bears are very cute and have moving parts as well. After viewing all the different bears you will feel you just have to have one of them for your very own.


Most people go to Hawaii for fun in the sun, but taking a couple of hours off to visit Teddy Bear World will be one of the best extra excursions you will ever make. Teddy bears are adorable, cuddly creatures that you just have to see, so be sure and visit Teddy Bear World.


You can visit the official Teddy Bear World website here: